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Bobbie Cox


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My Story

Bobbie previously worked in commercial land development constructing shopping centers, hotels, and buildings for Frito-Lay. Her negotiating skills became instrumental in landing difficult business contracts. She was involved in governmental permit work, complicated food grade building inspections, and contractor management on simultaneous projects in all phases from raw land to furnishings, while overseeing the construction of 17 Frito-Lay distribution centers.


In 1989, Bobbie channeled her skills in a new direction where her creative strategic talent and niche for finding under-marketed products could be better utilized. As a result, her efforts became focused on product development. One of her products was voted “most innovative product of the year” by the Darden Graduate School of Business and Harvard Business School. She has been the focus of a number of news articles on female entrepreneurship and featured as a national speaker. 
 Bobbie considers every aspect of her life work to offer a platform for displaying the importance of her faith throughout her professional, philanthropic and social career. She has hosted Bible studies for years and currently hosts a weekly Home Church, as well as involvement in a variety of ministry and missionary organizations, hosting many events over the years. 


Bobbie founded a nonprofit 501 C-3 foundation and traveled worldwide researching alternative treatments for patients who needed hope. She worked extensively in Germany and Mexico, assisting many patients towards a preventative, improved, and extended quality of life.


She is passionate about her vision Branch to heArt, art from the heArt of a child’s expression, associated with art and music therapy, and implementing this program through Christian charter schools and churches.


Through Bobbie’s 700,000 miles of international travel, she had the vision to create NOAH, a Nation of Advanced Healing. The goal of NOAH is to bring together brilliant alternative medical and scientific minds, with hearts to make a difference, from around the world in a collaborative environment, to work in a philanthropic setting, researching the root causes of under-researched illnesses and diseases, through a non-pharmaceutical methodology without profitability or notoriety as the focus.


Today, Bobbie is now devoted to making an impact in the landscape of America through the power of prayer with her newly launched app, Branch To Hope. She hopes this becomes a small church in the palm of hands for those who will pause and pray at 1:11 each day to make a difference in lives and our country, creating prayer groups scattered across our land. The Branch to Hope app also includes a discipleship tool to reach the lost, and a reminder for Christ-followers to become inspired and uniquely influenced each day, to untrained our negative habits, and instead, make a habit out of the nine characteristics of Jesus, through a color association, based on the nine fruits of the spirit from the Bible in Galatians 5:22-23. Her goal is to change lifestyles, one person at a time, through the power of prayer, one prayer at a time. Bobbie also pens a 1:11 devotional message to live by, inspired each day by Jesus, based on a scripture that correlates to the date, as a reminder to weave God’s daily Word into our conversation.


Bobbie is committed to her projects with passion and devotion, creating a difference. One life influenced can create a legacy of change, leaving a lasting imprint in the lives of those she encounters each day.


Bobbie currently works as a freelance consultant, connecting kingdom-building organizations to those with valued skills from the body of Christ, discovered from the relationships she has been blessed to encounter along her life‘s journey.


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